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You must possess a valid UC San Diego student ID card, be enrolled in an official media production class, and have completed the required prerequisite course, or be a graduate student using media in your research to use the Media Teaching Lab facilities. Please see our policies for further information.

Rooms 213-21810 Video Editing Suites, Rooms 213-218
Mac Pro (6-CORE) Mac OS X Mavericks
(145 hard drives for students to checkout on a quarter-by-quarter basis) 
Editing keyboards 
Microphone & mixer for voiceover 
Sennheiser headphones
TV monitors & speakers

fac1Reservation & Transfer Room 212 

fac1Protools Room 222a
Mac Pro (Quad Core Intel Xeon) Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6
Protools 10
Various peripherals
All format capability

fac1 TV and Film Production Studios (located downstairs), Rooms 140 and 139
Studio 140: LED lighting grid, white cyclorama, black curtain, green screen, Tricaster 450, 3 studio HD cameras, intercom system
Studio 139: Tungsten lighting grid and black curtains for studio video and audio recording

fac1 Checkout Room 111 (located downstairs)
Open M-F from 8am-5pm
(858) 534-4635

Reserve and checkout equipment online.

Contact Software Distribution

Questions about the Lab or equipment?

Contact us at medialab@ucsd.edu
Visit us in room 251 Media Center/Communication Bldg (MCC)
See our equipment checkout flyer