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On-Site Appointments


ResNet technicians are dispatched to on-campus residence areas to diagnose and troubleshoot wired and wireless network issues. Appointments are made after troubleshooting over the phone (858-534-2267) or by email (resnet@ucsd.edu), and are scheduled for the following day. Due to limited staffing, we cannot do same-day appointments.

Troubleshooting Wired Ethernet

Make sure to review our information on getting connected to the network.

There are a few reasons why your wired Ethernet connection may not work:
  • You may be blocked for an AUP violation or malware infection.
  • Your Ethernet cord may no longer be working.
  • If you are connecting the wired and wireless simulatenously, your computer may be using the wireless as your primary connection (which may not have reception). 
  • There may be software or hardware issues on your computer.
  • The Ethernet port has not been enabled or has been automatically disabeled for security reasons. 

The best way to determine the cause of the issue is to isolate each potential culprit. For example, try using a different Ethernet cord, or see if your computer works in another room. Also make sure to disable your wireless.

ResNet will notify students by email (and by phone in most cases) if their connection is blocked. Contact us if you are blocked. 

If you are unable to determine why your wired Ethernet connection is not working, let us know and one of our technicians will help you. In some cases, we will make an appointment with you and have a technician physically check the Ethernet port in your room. Appointment times vary depending on our technicians' availabilities and the time of the year. Unless the appointment is scheduled during the first few weeks of a quarter, most are scheduled the next day. 

Please note that Ethernet ports in the common area are not enabled and cannot be used to get an Internet connection. You must use the Ethernet port located inside your bedroom.

Troubleshooting Wireless

Make sure to review our information on getting connected to the network.

Troubleshooting wireless is unfortunately not as straight forward as troubleshooting a wired Ethernet connection. Keep in mind that wireless is not guaranteed in the bedrooms, and should not be used as your primary network connection. The wireless is not as reliable and secure. It's also a lot slower. We know that there is an increased demand for greater wireless coverage, especially for devices that rely on a wireless connection to work. ResNet is dedicated to working with other departments (Housing and Dining, ACT) to ensure that the residential network stays up to date. 

Here are some things to consider if your wireless is not working:

  • Number of users: If there are many students using the wireless, then it will reduce the performance and signal strength.
  • Microwave ovens: No joke. Microwaves can interfere with the wireless equipment. If the signal drops unexpectedly, see if there is equipment in the proximity that may affect the wireless signal. 
  • Non-UC San Diego access points: Students who install their own access point will interfere with UC San Diego equipment and other students' ability to connect to the UC San Diego network.
  • Computer drivers: Make sure your wireless drivers are updated. 

ResNet can help you to determine what may be affecting your wireless reception. In some cases, an appointment will be made for a technician to gather more information on-site to resolve an issue. Once we are able to determine that the wireless issue is cauesd by UC San Diego networking equipment, we can escalate the issue to the appropriate department and resolve your issue.