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Getting Connected at UCSD

Before you start, you'll need:

  • A computer that meets minimum requirements
  • A "straight through" type Ethernet cable (Cat-5) or a wireless 802.11g/n compatible network adapter.
  • A UCSD username and password

How to Connect Your Computer to the Internet

In most areas, wireless is available in addition to your wired Ethernet connection. However, your wired Ethernet connection should be your primary connection because it is more reliable, much faster and more secure. In addition, wireless is primarily for the common room areas, not individual rooms.

Connecting to the internet using your wired Ethernet cable

  1. Most computers come with the default configuration settings already in place. If you are not able to connect using the steps listed below, please consult our Network Documentation section.
  2. If you are connecting using an Ethernet cable, make sure it is plugged into your computer and the direct Ethernet port in your room (you may need to move furniture to find the Ethernet port). The extra ports in rooms and the common areas are not automatically activated. If you need additional active ports in your room please call ResNet at (858) 534-2267 and ask to borrow a network switch. The network switch is free to use for the year. 
  3. Make sure your wireless card is turned off.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the ResNet Acceptable Use Policy.
  5. You will be redirected to ResNet Registration when you open your browser.

Connecting to the internet using your wireless connection

  1. If you are connecting via wireless, make sure the wireless antenna is on and your wired connection is unplugged.
  2. Double-click on the wireless icon on the system tray on the bottom right, and connect to an access point located in your building. An example is the access point called "RESNET-ERC" in ERC or "RESNET-MUIR" in Muir college
  3. Some areas offer encrypted wireless . The name of the access point will have an "-E" at the end of the name (i.e., RESNET-MUIR-E). Encrypted wireless connections make it more difficult for others to "listen in" on your wireless conversation. The service cannot encrypt your data through all the paths it travels, but it does offer a more secure connection.
    1. To connect to the ResNet encrpyted wireless, you must first connect to an un-encrypted network first. Then, visit UCSD's documentation online on how to setup your computer to connect to the ResNet encrypted wireless network. For Windows users, if you have configured your computer to connect with "UCSD-PROTECTED" access points, you will have configure your computer again to connect to the ResNet encrypted wireless
  4. Familiarize yourself with the ResNet Acceptable Use Policy.
  5. Using the computer you wish to register, click on the Register Your Connection link. Be sure to be at the physical location where you will be using the computer. Registration can take up to 30 minutes.

For more information, please visit the Networking Documentation.

How to Connect Your Network Devices to the Internet

In accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy, network devices such as wireless routers must be registered with ResNet. Registering devices such as gaming systems can be registered through email. See below for more details. 

  1. Wireless Routers/Access Point

  2. Wireless routers or access points can only be registered by coming to our front desk. Also, due to interference from personal wireless routers on UCSD wireless equipment, only residents in areas that do not have wireless available (Coast Graduate Apartments) will be able to register a wireless router or access point.

    When you bring in your router, make sure to bring in your laptop as well. Registration of network devices usually go through within 48 hours of us receiving all of the information, but may take longer at the beginning of the quarter. For questions, please contact us at (858) 534-2267 or resnet@ucsd.edu.

  3. Web Browser-Enabled devices

  4. These devices can be registered by using the in-device browser. The browser should redirect to the ResNet registration page. Devices such as PS3, PSP, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Smartphones have this capability. If you have any problems please contact the help desk by email or phone.

    Game Systems and Network Printers

    ResNet strongly advises students to not use wireless printers, as it allows anyone on the network to print to your printer. Consider connecting directly to your computer. If you decide to use the wireless capability of your printer, ResNet will be unable to track the origin of unauthorized print jobs and is not responsible for the cost of unauthorized print jobs. 

  5. Email us at resnet@ucsd.edu with the information below and we will register the network device for you. It may take up to 2 days to process the request, but normally we're able to process the request the same day, unless there is an issue with your device connecting to our network. 

    1. Location of dorm
    2. Device or Game System (e.g., XBox*, Wii**, DS**, etc.)
    3. WAN MAC Address (xxxx.xxxx.xxxx)
    4. IP Address of device (a correct temporary IP address given by ResNet should be 172.17.xxx.xxx)
    5. Phone Number
    6. Finally, have your device connected to the network, otherwise we cannot register it. For Wii's, you may be unable to find the IP address, but if it is connected we can probably get that information. 
  6. Helpful Links for getting device information

    * There is a known issue with some XBoxes receiving MTU errors and not being able to connect to the ResNet networks (wired or wireless). As stated in the Acceptable Use Policy, UCSD does not guarantee internet access for gaming devices. If you are experiencing these issues, a workaround is to purchase a WIRED router and register the router with ResNet (wireless routers are not allowed in areas with existing ResNet wireless networks).

    **There is a known issue with some Nintendo Wiis and Nintendo DS not being able to receive an IP address or discover ResNet wireless networks. As stated in the Acceptable Use Policy, UCSD does not guarantee internet access for gaming devices. If you are experiencing these issues please contact Nintendo, a known workaround for Nintendo Wii is to purchase a genuine Nintendo Wii LAN adapter (do NOT purchase 3rd party adapters, such as Rocketfish, as they cannot be registered on the network) and register the adapter with ResNet.

    UPDATE: Nintendo DSi and 3DS are compatible with our networks ONLY if they use DSi and 3DS cartridges. If you attempt to connect to the wireless and a lock icon next to the SSID (Sixth-Res-E, Warren-Res-E, etc.) appears in GREY, then your device is incompatible. Normally, compatible networks for the device would be shown as a colored icon.

Telephone: (858) 534-2267
E-mail: resnet@ucsd.edu
Location: Applied Physics and Mathematics 1313

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