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The ResNet In-House Repair Facility


ResNet provides malware removal services for residents who live on campus at no extra cost.

This service requires that you check in your computer into our In-House Repair Facility. We aim for a turn-around time of 2-3 days, but can take up to a week or, in rare cases, longer. This depends on how busy we are, if there is a malware outbreak, the specific issue, and the complexity of the malware if it is infected. 

What exactly is done in In-House?

Once a computer enters In-House, whether it has malware or not, certain steps must be taken to ensure the computer has reached acceptable security standards. If a computer does not have malware, we primarily troubleshoot the specific issue by running various hardware performance tests (i.e., hard drive and RAM). If a computer is infected with one or multiple malware, the procedures are as follow:
  • Checking and ending all suspicious processes
  • Running full preliminary scans which can take several hours per scan
  • Uninstalling malicious programs
  • Running verification scans to ensure that all malicious activities are absent
  • General cleanup and software updates

The time it takes to return a computer to its owner can vary, especially for machines infected with malware. In most cases, malware are programmed to reinstall itself after removal (it can install itself in several places on the system). We run multiple tests to ensure all malware threats are eliminated to protect users from future malware infections and so that it meets UC San Diego's Minimum Network Connection Standards [PDF] (see exhibit C).

What about my data?

As students ourselves, we understand that your data is important. We will assist you in transferring your files to an external drive (i.e., hard drive) only if we are unable to remove the malware so you can continue working on your work while we repair your computer. Please make sure to bring your own external drive. 

We also respect your privacy. We do not access any files that are beyond that of what is essential to resolve the problem. 

Are your technicians certified?

ResNet techncians are not certified. However, they are trained by staff that have years of experience in removing malware, diagnosing system issues, and performing common hardware-involved tasks (i.e., installing RAM or hard drive). 

What are students saying about this service?

We are pleased that many of the students that we help are very satisfied with our service. 

"The staff that help me was nothing but nice and friendly. They answered all the questions I had and informed me about everything that went on with my laptop."

"... they were simply amazing along with the front desk staff. (Several techs/staff helped me and I have nothing but positive things to say for all of them). They were helpful, friendly, knowledgeable about my computer. I work as an RA and really needed to get my computer up and running ASAP in order to serve my residents and to balance my own work with helping my residents, and their prompt and extremely knowledgeable expertise and amazing customer service couldn't have made these past few days run any smoother than they have. Thank you so much ACMS! You all are incredible!"

"ACMS is absolutely wonderful. Technicians were consistent with their care and knowledge. So honored to have such an effective service here at UCSD. Thank you all for your time in helping build this organization."

Of course, there are areas we can improve in, primarily the time it takes to return computers to customers. If you are concerned with the turn-around time, we completely understand. We have compiled a list of off-campus computer repair facilities [PDF] for your convenience (we are not affiliated with any of these businesses, we just looked up computer repair shops in the vicinity).

Telephone: (858) 534-2267
E-mail: resnet@ucsd.edu
Location: Applied Physics and Mathematics 1313

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