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Time Warner Cable TV Information

UC San Diego has partnered with Time Warner Cable to provide cable TV service for on-campus residents. Basic Cable TV service will be available in each room without additional fees. ResNet will be providing support for residents using the Basic Cable TV service.

Basic Cable TV Service

View the list of channels available, or download the Channel Line-Up List [PDF].

Basic Cable TV is ready to be used in your room, all you need is:

If you have problems setting up your TV, please see our troubleshooting section below or contact ResNet.


I get a snowy picture, there are lines through the picture, or double images. Or the screen is black or blue.

  • Check your power connection and make sure both ends are plugged in securely
  • Make sure the coax cable for the cable is secure on both ends and if possible, bypass signal splitter
  • Verify that the TV is on the correct input and channel (2, 3, or 4)

I'm missing channels that are listed available on the UCSD Channel Line-Up list.

  • Verify that the TV is on the proper input (not on Air or Antenna mode)
  • Cycle through the inputs
  • Perform a channel scan
  • Channels 65 and 70 are not available in the Marshall Lowers and Residence Halls and Muir Tioga.
  • Some channels require a QAM tuner. Most US TVs sold after 2006 include a QAM tuner.

I have my own TiVo or personal DVR. How do I use it with Time Warner Cable?

  • You will still be able to record most analog channels with your TiVo or DVR.
  • However, some channels may require a CableCARD and Tuning Adapter.
  • A CableCARD from Time Warner Cable is available for $2.50/month. Contact Time Warner Cable at 866-202-4222.