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Student Organization Accounts

Revised: September, 2015

Renew your student organization for the year with a simple 2-step process.

Any student organization officially registered with the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) at UC San Diego may open an ACMS computer account. These accounts are available to promote communication between members of the organization and to help publicize the organization's events.

Obtaining or Renewing an Account

  1. Registering your account
    Student organization accounts must be registered annually with the Center for Student Involvement. You can check if your organization is registered for the current school year.
  2. Renewing ACMS resources
    After re-registering with CSI, log back into the student organization registration page and select "Request Org URL/Email" for the organization you want to renew.

Account expiration

Student organization accounts are set to expire on November 1st every school year. Be sure to re-register well before then so as to not interrupt service.

Available Resources

Web Hosting

Hosting is provided by ACMS free-of-charge and includes a virtual host name (e.g. myorgname.ucsd.edu). All requests must come from a principal member using their @ucsd.edu email address. Student organization websites support server-side dynamic content.

Student organization websites may be accessed via SSH or SFTP. Here's what you need to know to get connected.

Mailing Lists

Your organization may wish to set up its own mailing list.


Student organization accounts are assigned a randomly generated password upon creation. Feel free to change the password to something you prefer using our Global Password Change tool.

If you don't remember your password, a principal member will need to come to the ACMS Help Desk with a photo ID and we can reset it for you.


ACMS Student Organization Email Policy

Student organization email accounts authorize electronic communication by and for only the advisor and principal members. Student organization emails are shared accounts; personal email addresses may not be listed as the organization's contact address. Individual members must use their student accounts for personal email.

This account is NOT to be used for any of the following:

  • As a part of any for-credit class or research
  • Personal computing or communication
  • Personal financial gain


The only people who should have access to the account are those whose names are listed on the most current account form for the student organization.
Those listed on the form will be held responsible for any policy violations.

ACMS requires that student organizations re-register every Fall through the Center for Student Involvement office. This allows you to update your principal members and will let us know that your organization is still using the account.

ACMS Web Policy

Student organizational accounts and their authorized users are responsible for abiding by the ACMS Acceptable Use Policies.

The web services provided are intended for websites hosted on our servers. We do not provide redirection services. If we discover that your site is being used only to redirect to an outside domain, your ACMS student organization website will be deactivated.