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Download All Students' Assignment Submissions

To download all students' submissions from a Ted assignment:

  1. Go to your class's Full Grade Center by clicking the Grade Center Page arrows that follow Grade Center in the Control PanelGrade Center Arrows

  2. From the Click for More Options button's drop-down menu in the column header, select Assignment File Download.

    Assignment drop down menu with Assignment File Download highlighted

  3. A list of your class's students will be displayed, with a checkbox next to each student who has submitted an assignment. First, make sure that all students are showing by clicking the Show All button below the class list, if one is present.

    Show All button in list of students

  4. To select all students, put a check in the checkbox in the header of the table showing the students' names. ClickSubmit to continue.

    Checkbox labeled 'Check to select all items'

  5. Ted will then package all your assignments into a zip file, and display a link. Click the link to download the files.

    Link to download all assignments in zipped file

The Zip file will contain one or more for each files for each attempt made by each student. For example, if Alfred Nobel (username anobel) submitted to the assignment "Midterm" at 5:30:59PM on 8/19/2011 with two files attached, Midterm.docx and Abstract.docx, the following files would be included:

  • Midterm_anobel_attempt_2011-08-19-17-30-59.txt: Information about the submission, including any text entered in the "Submission" or "Comments" fields on the assignment submission page
  • Midterm_anobel_attempt_2011-08-19-17-30-59_Midterm.docx: The Midterm file
  • Midterm_anobel_attempt_2011-08-19-17-30-59_Abstract.docx: The Abstract file
If a student submits more than one attempt, both will be included in the downloaded Zip file. Be careful to select the submission you are interested in.