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Using Integrated TurnItIn in Ted

If you are using Ted for your class, you can now integrate TurnItIn into Ted. This brings several distinct advantages:

  • No separate logins/passwords: You can create assignments for your class without using a separate login on TurnItIn.com, and your students can submit assignments without creating a TurnItIn account.
  • No join passwords: Any — and only — students with access to your Ted site can use your TurnItIn class. Ted is updated daily to allow access to anyone enrolled via Tritonlink.
  • Integrated Grading: Students' submissions appear in the Needs Grading section of Ted's Grade Center alongside other assignments.

Read on for directions to use TurnItIn's Ted integration.

  1. Create an Assignment
  2. Edit an Assignment
  3. Grade Submissions
  4. View All Originality Reports
  5. Instructions for Students

Create an Assignment

  1. Each TurnItIn assignment allows students to upload one paper; create a new assignment for each paper you wish to have students turn in.

    When you copy the content from your class's Ted site in future quarters, the TurnItIn assignments will not be copied; you will need to re-create them.

    TurnItIn assignments are added to Ted Content Areas in much the same way as you would add a class handout. You can add a content area to your Course Menu named 'Assignments' to help students more quickly find where to upload their files.  

    With Edit Mode enabled, go to the page to which you would like to add a TurnItIn. To the right of Build Content, hover on the Create Assessment button, and from the drop down menu, select TurnItIn Assignment.

    Create Assessment menu inside of Assignments while Edit Mode is enabled
  2. Three types of assignments are available. The standard option is a Paper Assignment, and the rest of the instructions assume you have selected this option. Click Next Step to continue.

    Select your assignment type screen
  3. All the options for the assignment itself are presented on one page. The Assignment Title is the name Ted will use to link to this assignment. This title will also be used to create a column in the Grade Center for your assignment. If a column already exists with the same name, you will see two columns listed in the Grade Center. Ted knows how to keep them separate, but it can be confusing for students and TAs, so you may wish to select somethign unique.

    Set the "Start Date", "Due Date", and "Post Date" for the assignment. The Post Date is when GradeMark and PeerMark results (if you are using those features) are made available to students.

    More Options gives you more control over how students' submissions and originality reports, including:

    • "Special Instructions" which appear as a description with the assignment link
    • Allow students to re-submit their paper if they spot a mistake after submitting their paper
    • Exclude quoted content and small matches
    • Allow late submissions

    Click submit when everything is entered correctly.

    New assignment setup, including date functions
  4. Ted will return to show the new link in your class's site.

    Example of new assignment view inside of Ted

Edit an Assignment

  1. With Edit Mode enabled, click your assignment's options menu and select Edit.

    Assignment drop down, showing edit as the first option
  2. You can now change any settings that you entered when you created the assignment. Click Submit when finished.

Grade Assignments

  1. (Under the Course Management Heading)

    Expand the Grade Center menu in the Control Panel, and click Needs Grading.

  2. Ungraded submissions to your Turnitin Assignment are listed along with ungraded submissions to any other assignments, tests, gradeable discussions, and gradeable wikis in the class. Click a student's name to grade that student's submission, or click Grade All to grade all submissions for the class.

    Needs Grading
  3. In addition to the regular grading options, under User's Work, there are two View icons. The first (User's Paper) links to the TurnItIn Document Viewer for the student's paper, which displays the student's paper, with links to download the original file or print the document. From the TurnItIn Document Viewer, you may also click:

    1. Originality Report: View any matches between the student's paper and sources in TurnItIn's databases, overlaid on a display of the student's paper. The Originality Report link jumps directly to this view.
    2. GradeMark: Activate GradeMark, TurnItIn's service to allow you to add comments to the student's paper, entirely within the web interface.

    User's Work options inside of Document Viewer, including User's Paper and Originality Report

    Below these links, you may enter your grade, and give additional feedback, including attaching files (for example, a modified copy of the student's paper).

    Under heading Grade Current Attempt, fields Grade and Feedback to User

View All Originality Reports

You can also view TurnItIn's Assignment Inbox directly, to see a list of all students who have submitted papers, their Originality Report scores, and other information:

  1. Course Tools

    From the Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section and click TurnItIn Assignments.

  2. Ted will display a list of all your TurnItIn assignments for the class. Click the name of the assignment you wish to review.

    Example of list of assignments
  3. You now have access to the Assignment Inbox exactly as it would appear if you were using TurnItIn.com directly:

    1. Roster Sync can help you determine which students did not submit a paper. It will add all students in your class to the assignment inbox, regardless of whether they have submitted a paper. If they have submitted a paper, they will already be listed.

    2. Each student will be listed on a row showing the student's name, the submission's title, their Originality score, file type, and submission information.

      Document icons

      To download the student's submission, click the File icon.

    3. Alternatively, you can download a Zip archive with all students' submissions at once by clicking the checkbox to the left of Author and then clicking "Download". You may select whether to download the original files submitted by students, or the "Grademark Paper". The latter option will download PDFs that include the markup and comments you made on each student's paper. Any student that has not yet been reviewed via GradeMark will not be downloaded.

      Example of downloading multiple files, including dropdown menu giving option to download the original file or the GradeMark paper
    4. To view a student's submission online, click the submission's title. This will launch the "TurnItIn Document Viewer", which will display the paper as the student submitted it, with images and formatting intact.

      Example of two submission titles in Document Viewer
    5. The submission's Originality Score is shown under the Report column. It indicates what percentage of this student's submission matches other sources in the TurnItIn database. (In the example below, one of the four paragraphs in Ford's paper was copied, so it scored 25%). You can click on the score to load the Originality Report in the TurnItIn Document Viewer. For more information about how to use this, see TurnItIn's Originality Report Video Tutorial.

      Example of how an Originality Score is displayed