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Submitting Papers to TurnItIn Integrated with Ted

If you have turned in papers using TurnItIn, you will be happy to learn that Ted can now be used to submit papers. You will no longer need a separate login, and you will not need a class password/join ID. Just log in to Ted to get started.

Submit an Assignment

  1. The link to a TurnItIn assignment will show up on a "Content" page in Ted - in other words, it will show up among the files and folders posted to Ted (not on the "Tools" page). Click View/Complete to submit your assignment.

    Ted TII Submit 0
  2. The first time you use TurnItIn to submit a paper, you will be asked to agree to TurnItIn's Terms of Service. If you do not agree, speak to your instructor about alternatives.

    Ted TII Submit 1
  3. Information about the assignment is displayed. Click Submit to continue.

    Ted TII Submit 2
  4. Enter a title for your paper, select a file to upload, and click Upload.

    Ted TII Submit 3
  5. TurnItIn will display the text it extracted from your paper, which will be used to generate the Originality Report your instructor will see. Confirm that TurnItIn received your entire paper, and click "submit".

    Ted TII Submit 4
  6. TurnItIn will again confirm that they received your paper properly, and give you a Paper ID. You can record this as a digitial receipt.

    Ted TII Submit 5

    If you do not receive this receipt, TurnItIn has not saved your submission!

  7. Click "Go To Portfolio" to return to the assignment inbox. From this page, click Show Details to view information about the file you submitted. Note that the Status should now say Submission for this assignment is complete.

    Ted TII Submit 6

    You can view your submission as the instructor will see it by clicking the link named after your assignment title. You can download the file you submitted by clicking the Download Paper icon.Ted TII Submit 7

  8. If the instructor has set the assignment to allow you to view your originality report, it will show up after a few minutes. (Few instructors choose to do so, however.) The percentage score reported represents the percentage of your paper that was matched to other sources. Click the percentage to see the full report, including a summary of what sources matched your paper.Ted TII Submit 8