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Hiding Ted Courses

To hide a course or multiple courses Ted's My Classes list:

  1. Click the Manage My Courses Module Settings image in the My Courses module.

    My Course Settings

  2. Next to each course you do not want to see, uncheck the checkbox in the Course Name column.

    A course named BSKT 101 would have a checkbox titled 'BSKT101 _ Quarter _ Last Name : BSKT 101 - Last Name [ Quarter ]: Course Name'

  3. You may also rearrange the order in which classes appear by dragging the arrows to the left of your course list up and down, until your classes appear in the correct order.

    Keyboard users may click the link: 'Keyboard Accessible Reordering: List of courses you are teaching (or taking)'

  4. Click Submit when you are finished hiding and arranging your courses.