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Faculty: How Do Students Log In to Ted?

All accounts are generated automatically. Students do not self-register.

  • UC San Diego network username (ex: jsmith@ucsd.edu's login would be jsmith). Students can look up their account name under the ACMS Account Tools.
  • To change their password, students use the Global Password Change Tool. Takes 15 minutes to update (one hour for course specific accounts).
  • Students are automatically added to your course within 24 hours (weekdays) of adding the course in Tritonlink. If access is needed sooner, give them an add computing slip.
    • Computing slips are available the first day of classes

How to List Student Logins

  1. Log into your Ted course.
  2. Click on the Teach tab.
  3. Click "Grade Book" on the bottom left.
  4. You will see a column listing the students' login names.

How Long Before Students Show Up in Ted?

24 weekday hours. Students can receive immediate access with an add computing slip. The update job runs four times a day with one daily update from the registar.