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Ted Email Address

When instructors or students send messages using the Send Email tool from the Tools page, Ted will send the message to the email address it has for your account. By default, this address will be your <Ted username>@ucsd.edu address. For many users - those with "Course Specific accounts" that look like bk101faa, or a username that is different from their UC San Diego email address - this address will be incorrect. Others may just prefer that messages be sent to a different address.

Note that this is different from the Messages tool, which sends messages that stay entirely within Ted and are notforwarded to your email address. You must manually check the Messages tool to see if you have received messages there. Many instructors use this tool because it keeps a record for them of messages that have been sent to students.

To set up or change where Ted sends your class email:

  1. Click the My Places link at the top of Ted.
  2. In the My Places dialog that appears on-screen, click the Personal Information link.

    In the frame 'Blackboard Learn: Content', look under the second-level heading 'My Places'
  3. On the next page, click Edit Personal Information.

    Edit Personal Information link circled in Personal Information field
  4. In the the Email field, enter the address where you would like to receive mail.

    Edit Personal Information screen with open field for email address
  5. Click Submit when you are finished.