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UC San Diego and Concurrent Enrollment Students
Look up your account name
 under the ACMS Account Tools

New Concurrent Enrollment Students: Obtain a computing token from Extension Student Services and register for an account.  You are allowed to request computing access for three courses per quarter.  Those not enrolled by the full refund deadline (PDF) will have their access disabled.   Students taking courses where faculty have opted out of computing access for waitlisted students will need to show proof of enrollment at the ACMS Help Desk.

Your Password

If all else fails, change your password and wait 15 minutes.

Type of Password What is my password? Change Password
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Students: Network password (your @ucsd.edu email password).  Use only the first 8 characters (if your password is longer).

Faculty, TAs and StaffActive Directory password

Students: Run the student password tool and wait 15 minutes.

Faculty, TAs and Staff: Use the staff and faculty password change and wait 15 minutes.


Students: PID

Faculty, TAs and Staff: Assigned by ITS.

Faculty, TAs and Staff: Fill out the form at wheatley.ucsd.edu/iwdc/help_request.php to have your password reset.