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Test Student Accounts

If you have Instructor or Teaching Assistant access to a course, you can create a test student account. This account behaves exactly like any other student account: You can submit assignments with it, give it grades, and view those grades via the student's My Grades tool, to ensure they appear correctly to students.


  • The ability to create a test student account is only available to Instructors and TAs in each Ted course. Those added with Builder or Grader access cannot create test student accounts.
  • All test student accounts will be deleted at the end of each quarter
  • The test student account is a temporary fix until Blackboard adds a student view function in a future release.

Please follow the instructions below to:

Step 1: Enable Test Student

If you do not see Add Test Student listed under Course Tools in your class's control panel, you must first enable the tool:

  1. Log into the course as an instructor or TA
  2. In the Course Management control panel, select Customization, and then Tool Availability
  3. Select the Available checkbox beside Add Test Student, and click Submit to save this change.

Step 2: Add the Test Student Account

Once the tool is enabled, instructors can add a test student as follows:

  1. Log into the course as the instructor or TA
  2. Select the Course Tools link from the Course Management menu on the left.
  3. Select Add Test Student. You will see one option:
    • I have not yet created a test account this quarter

      If the test account does not yet exist on the system, you are asked to create it. The username is shown; it cannot be changed. Select a password for the test account and check the Enroll checkbox. Click the Create Test Student button, and the account will be created and the student added to the course.

    • I have created a test account, but have not yet enrolled it in this class

      If your test account already exists but is not enrolled in this course, the you are shown a button to add that test account to the current course.

    • I have already enrolled a test account

      If the test account exists and is already enrolled in the course, you are given the option of clicking a button to unenroll the test student from the course. Warnings are displayed telling them this will delete all work done by that test student.

    • Once the changes have been made, select the Go Back to Course Home Page button to return to the course home page.

Step 3: Use the Test Student Account

Once the test student is added to the course, the you can log in using that student account to access all courses it was enrolled in. The best way to do this is to use two different web browsers (for example, Firefox and Chrome). Log into the course as an instructor/TA in one, and as the student in the other.

Note that this test student account is tied to an individual instructor or TA, and can be added to any course where that user is an instructor/TA. The password should not be shared with others because they will gain access to ALL the test courses associated with this test student. If more than one instructor or TA wants to have a test student in a course, then each should use this tool to create his or her own personal test student to the course. One person cannot create multiple test student accounts. This is deliberate, to prevent instructors from bypassing policy and using this tool to arbitrarily add people as students to their course.


Changing the Test Student Account Password

Those who use this tool infrequently might forget the password to their test student account. They can reset this password as follows:

  1. Log into the instructor/TA account.
  2. Select Course Tools from the control panel menu.
  3. Select the Add Test Student tool.
  4. Select the Reset Test Student Password button.
  5. Enter the password that should be used for the test student account. You will have to enter this twice.
  6. Select Submit to make the changes.

Once this is done, you can log out then log into the test student account using the new password.