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Account Information for Extension and Waitlisted Students

Concurrent Enrollment (Extension) Students

Beginning Fall 2008, concurrent enrollment (extension) students can obtain a computing account online that can be used across all of their concurrently enrolled courses.  Students should contact Extension's Student Services group to obtain a token.  Students may also contact the ACMS Help Desk.  Students may add computing resources for up to three courses.  Those not enrolled by the full refund deadline will have their access disabled.   Students taking courses where faculty have opted out of computing access for waitlisted students will need to show proof of enrollment at the ACMS Help Desk.

Waitlisted Students

ACMS offers computing resources by default to all waitlisted students; instructors can opt out.  At the end of the 3rd week waitlisted students will lose access. This provides a few working days cushion after the end of the waitlisted period to work out enrollment issues. For the various summer sessions, the cut-off date will be approximately 30% into the course. Access includes all of ACMS services used for courses including:

  • Ted
  • Computer lab access
  • Class public folders
  • Server allocations

Website indicators:

  • Ted rosters (grade book) displays "waitlisted" in the status field for waitlisted students.
  • Lookup forms for students (lab access, door codes, and account names) note if access is due to waitlisted status.

If you would like to opt out of giving waitlisted students computing resources for your course, please email acs-consult@ucsd.edu.

Please let us know if you need any more information or have feedback on improving our waitlisting efforts.