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Customizing Ted's Course Menu

What is the Course Menu?

Edit view of Ted Course Menu, under heading level 2 menu management options. heading level 2 course menu jumps directly to menu Along the left side of the Ted site is the menu of links that everyone who uses the class sees:

If you don't see the Course Menu, it might be hidden. You can show the course menu again at any time.

If you only see the black bar with the course name, the menu has been collapsed. Click on the double-arrows to expand the course menu:

Header level 3: Expand (course name)

The Course Menu in Ted is highly customizable. You can add direct links to popular destinations, rename and reorder links to better suit your class, and remove items that are not relevant to your class.

Add to the Course Menu

Course Menu, with 'Add Menu Item' highlightedThe Add Menu Item button "Plus" button at the top of the course menu allows you to add items. The most significant options are listed below.

Be sure to check Available To Users to allow students to see the items you add

Add Content Areas

Create Content Area is the first link after 'Add Menu Item'Content Area is a place where you post files, folders, assignments, tests, etc. By default, two Content Areas are added to every new class, Information, and Content. This demonstrates how you can add multiple content areas dedicated to particular types of content. By using the Create Content Area option, you can create areas targeted to particular types of content, such as Readings, Lecture Notes, or Assignments.

Add Links to Tools

Create Tool Link is the third link after 'Add Menu Item'Tool Link links to the parent location for many types of interactive content. For example, you can link to the page that lists all Discussion forums on the site, or to the AnnouncementsCalendar, or My Grades pages. Use this to highlight tools that will be used in the course.

Once you select Create Tool Link, Ted will offer you a list of available tools. Select a tool from the drop-down menu, enter a name for the link, put a check next to Available to Users, and click Submit. The menu will re-load, showing your new link.

Links to both the Email and Messages tools can be added here.
Note that the Messages tool sends messages within Ted only. Students do not receive a copy of messages outside of Ted, and are not alerted that they have received new messages unless they actually go to the Messages tool. If you plan to use Messages, it is best to ensure that students are aware that they are expected to check the tool periodically.

The Email tool sends an email to the student's username@ucsd.edu email address, but does not maintain a Sent folder or history of sent or received messages within Ted.

Add Course Link

Create Course Link is the fourth link after 'Add Menu Item'Course Link can link to nearly anything in the class that is available to students. For example, rather than linking to a list of the class's discussion forums, the Course Link allows you to link directly to an individual discusssion topic. This gives you the ability to focus student's attention on individual items of great importance. Click Create Course Link to add a link to anywhere in the course, and then click Browse to find the course location you would like to link to.

If you are integrating Ted with iClicker, you can add a link directly to the tool students use to register their remotes in Ted. When you click Create Course Link and then Browse the course, you will see at the end of the Tools section a link to Register Your i>Clicker.

Edit Existing Items

Each course link contains a corresponding '(link name) menu item options' link You can Rename, Delete, or Hide items in the course menu from the menu item options drop-down menu to the right of each item.

When you click Rename Link, the name will change to an edit field; make your changes and hit Enter when done (or click the check-mark).

Selecting Hide Link will immediately hide the item. You can then, from the same menu, select Show Link to reveal it again.

Selecting Delete, Ted will prompt you to confirm if you really want to remove the item. Click OK to proceed.
You may see either a This link is hidden from students "hidden" or This link has no content "empty" icon next to an item in the course menu. If either of these icons is present, students will not see the item in the course menu.

Organize the Course Menu

Move Items

Course Menu Drag You can re-arrange items using the Drag up/down arrows to the left of an item. Just click and drag the arrows up or down, and release the item where you want it to be.

Keyboard and screen-reader users can use the Keyboard Accessible Reordering: Menu Items link to re-order items.

Group Items

Course menu demonstrating divider; not vocalized on screen reader. You can add a divider to the course menu to help break up the links into related sections. To do so, from the Add Menu Item button Plus button, select Create Divider, and drag it into place. The image to the right shows the student view of a divider in the course menu, above the Assessments link.