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Can I hide files from students?

'Unavailable' Files Are Not Secure

When you post a file or create a folder on a Content Area (e.g. the Content or Information pages), you have an option to make it "Unavailable". This removes the file from what students see on the content page, but does not prevent students from accessing the file via other methods. Thus, making files "Unavailable" should only be used as a convenience to help students focus on files that are relevant at a particular time or under particular circumstances.

File Permissions

First, our advice is simply to avoid exposing yourself to any risk: If students accessing a file would cause problems (e.g. answers to the final exam), don't post it to Ted.

That said, Ted does allow you to set permissions on a file so that students cannot access it.

  1. From the Course Management Control Panel, click the blue arrows to the right of Files to go to your class files.

    Link: Files for this course
  2. From the drop-down menu to the right the file to protect, select Permissions.

    Link will have text Options Menu, followed by the filename; Clicking that will insert a menu containing the Permissions link
  3. Put a check next to All Course Users (User List), and click the Delete button.

    Checkbox has label 'Select Course - Instructor [Term] (course_id): All Course Users (User List)'