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Posting Video in Ted

There are two ways to post YouTube videos to Ted:

Embed an iFrame

  1. Go to the Youtube video, and click the Share button below the video.
  2. Below the address, click the Embed: button.
  3. Copy the <iframe>...</iframe> code from the box below the Embed button
  4. In Ted, go the page where you want to post the video. From the Build Content menu, click Item
  5. Give the video a name (e.g. Safety Video)
  6. In the Text box, turn the Text Editor off, and then check the HTML option.Click link with text 'On. Click to toggle Text Editor Off'; After Description text area, in Formatting Options for Descriptions, select 'HTML'
  7. Paste the iframe code into the Text Box, and click Submit

The YouTube video will be displayed embedded directly into the page.Screenshot showing Content page with embedded YouTube video below the video name

YouTube Mashup

Ted includes a "YouTube Mashup" feature that allows you to easily search for videos in YouTube and link to them without having to copy code or leave Ted. This can also be useful if you have not yet found the video you wish to post.

From the page where you want to post the video:

  • From the Build Content menu, look in the Mashups column and click YouTube Video.
  • Search for a relevant video - for example, to find a demonstration of a famous physics experiment, you could search for Leidenfrost Effect.
  • A list of relevant videos will be displayed. You can click Preview to view a video before you add it to the page. When you have found the video you would like to use, click Select.
  • Ted will let you change a few options about how the video is displayed (for example, its title). If you like, you can add to the Description below the video.

A preview of the video will be displayed on the page. Visitors can then click Watch Video, which will start playing the video in the same page.Screenshot showing Video thumbnail and information, with a Watch Video button below the thumbnail