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Exporting eGrades from Ted

Prepare the Grade Center

Grades submitted to the eGrades Website must be in letter format. If your final course grades are already in letter format then you can skip to the Export Grades section.

Go to the Full Grade Center

Login to Ted and select your course. Go to the Full Grade Center by clicking on "Grade Center" then "Full Grade Center" under the Control Panel.

Link to the Full Grade Center

Find the column that has the final course grades

Find the grade column that contains the final course grades. You may use any column.

Grade Center Columns

Select "Edit Column Information"

Select "Edit Column Information" from the drop down menu next to the column.

Edit Column Information Link

Set the "Primary Display" to "Letter" grade

Set the "Primary Display" drop down list to "Letter" to convert scores to letter grades. Select the "Submit" button when you are finished. You can modify Ted's grade scale by selecting "Grading Schema" from the "Manage" drop down list in the Grade Center. Contact ITS if you have any questions about changing the default grade scale.

The Letter option on the Primary Display drop down list

Export Grades

Go to the "eGrades Export" Course Tool

Go to "Course Tools" then "eGrades Export" under the Control Panel. You must have Instructor, TA or Grader access.

Link to the eGrades Export

Select final course grade column

Select the column with the final course grades and click the "Submit" button.

The Final Grade option on the Grade Center Column drop down list

Review the grades

Review the grades. Please go back to the "Full Grade Center" if changes need to be made. After you have reviewed the grades select "Submit" to export.

eGrades export preview

Save the file to your computer

Save the file to your computer and remember which folder it was saved in.

Save File on the Download dialog box

Upload to the eGrades Website

  • You will have to follow these steps and UPLOAD THE SAME FILE for EVERY SECTION of your course.
  • After grading deadline you cannot import your grades into the eGrades Website.
  • ACMS & ITS do not manage the eGrades Website. Please contact the Registrar's Office for help with the eGrades Website.

Select the section

Login to the eGrades Website by going to Blink and selecting the eGrades option under Instruction tools. Choose a section from Section List.

Enter Grades Link on the eGrades Website

Import File

Select the "Import File" link.

Import File Link on the eGrades Website

Upload the file from Ted

Select "CSV Delimited", choose the file exported from Ted then click the "Submit" button.

CSV Delimited, Choose File and Submit Button on the eGrades Website

Review the imported grades

Review the grades imported from Ted, choose the "Save and Review" button and finish the process to submit the eGrades.

Grades on the eGrades Website

For questions exporting grades from Ted, contact ITS at its@ucsd.edu or 858-822-3315.

For questions about importing grades into the eGrades website contact the Registrar.