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Ted Troubleshooting for Students

Note: you may wish to print this for future reference in case of an outage.

If you are having trouble accessing your course web site, it may be one of these issues:

  1. Your computer has a failure or is misconfigured.
    • You CANNOT view other sites on the internet?
    • Is your system experiencing problems unrelated to internet browsing?
      If either of the above are true, find a trusted friend or technician to help you.
    • If you live in a campus dorm or apartment and are having networking trouble, please contact ACMS/ResNet.
  2. Trouble with your username and password. If you have never logged in successfully, please see How To Log In.
  3. The internet/network between you and the ACMS computer room may be having trouble.
    • Can you reach the main UCSD web site at http://www.ucsd.edu or other UC San Diego web sites?
    • Check the ACT (formerly Network Operations) status page at: http://noc.ucsd.edu/cgi-bin/bonez/pub.pl 
      If there is a network problem, please revisit the site for updated information. If the web page is down, please call 858-534-1857.
  4. Our server has a failure. If you can see other web sites in and outside of UC San Diego, but cannot reach https://ted.ucsd.edu/webapps/login/ , please contact the ACMS Help Desk.
    After hours call 858-534-3ACMS, fill out the form at wheatley.ucsd.edu/iwdc/help_request.php, or e-mail ops@sdcc3.ucsd.edu.