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Creating a TurnItIn Class with Sections

Most classes at UCSD are run by separate TAs, and in many cases, it makes sense to have these TAs review papers submitted by students. After you have contacted IWDC to create your TurnItIn.com account and familiarized yourself with the service, you may want to try using Master Classes and Sections to allow TAs to manage their sections' submissions on TurnItIn.com.

  1. Create the Master Class
  2. Add Sections
  3. Add Assignments

Create the Master Class

Create a master class for each group of sections that will have the same assignments and due dates. This will usually mean one master class per lecture, but if multiple lectures will run on the same schedule and offer the same assignments, you can simplify matters by creating just one master class.

  1. Click add a class

  2. First, change the class type to "Master Class". Enter the name of the class as the master class name, and select the class end date - the date after which you will no longer need to receive assignments (for example the day after grades are due for the quarter). You do not need to enter a TA join password, unless you want TAs to create their own sections themselves. Click Submit when finished.

  3. TurnItIn will pop up a window confirming that the class has been created, containing the class ID and ta join password. If you want TAs to create their own sections, give them this Class ID and the Join Password.Do not give this information to students.

Add Sections

Do this once for each section in the class. You may add as many sections as you like to a class. A TA may be added repeatedly for multiple sections, if desired.

If you are a TA who has received a Master Class ID and Join Password, after you have logged in, click "Join Account (TA)", and skip to step 3 below.

  1. Next to the class you want to add a section to, click the + Section button.

  2. Enter the TA's contact information, and click SubmitYou should only use an @ucsd.edu email address.

    In the past, TAs have been added with various off campus email addresses, or department specific email addresses (like jsmith@weber.ucsd.edu). Each time they are added with a different address, they must create a new account at TurnItIn.com. By using only their @ucsd.edu email address, you can help prevent confusion in future quarters.

  3. Enter the section enrollment password you would like to give out to the students who should enroll in this section, and something to identify your section such as the Section ID.

  4. TurnItIn will open a pop-up, displaying the class ID and enrollment password for this section, whichi you will give out to the students. Save this information and close the window.

Add Assignments

When you add an assignment to the master class, it can be added to every section in the class at once.

  1. Click on the name of the class you are adding the assignment for:

  2. Click New Assignment.

    In the future, or if separate master classes share assignments but not due dates, you can use the "Assignment Library" link to re-issue a previous assignment.
  3. You can select from among any of TurnItIn's assignment types. The PeerMark assignment requires students to review other students papers, submitted through a previous Paper Assignment. A Revision Assignment allows students to submit a revised version of their previous paper

  4. Add an assignment title, set the start date and due date

    The post date is only relevant if you use GradeMark, TurnItIn's service allowing you to give feedback on student papers. In that case, the post date determines when students are allowed to view your markup, so you should set it to a date when you believe you will be finished reviewing papers.

    Click More Options when you are done

  5. In the additional options, look for the Do you want to push this assignment to your sections? option, and select Yes.

    This is also where you will find a number of other important options: Special Options allows you to add additional instructions for students about the assignment; Generate Originality Reports for Student Submissions's options allow you to decide if students can submit a paper multiple tiems; and Allow Submissions after the due date is self explanitory.
  6. Make sure that you put a check next to push assignment dates, or your TAs will need to set the assignment dates themselves. By default, this will try to add the assignment to all sections in this class. Click Submit, and the assignment will be added to all checked sections.

    The Submit button comes before the form fields
  7. You are done! Double-check that the "push to sections" column next to the new assignment says 'full'. If you add more sections later, or if you forgot to push the assignment to the students when setting it up, click the plus sign to push these assignments to the new sections.