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Add Your Syllabus to Courses.ucsd.edu

Syllabus link shown under the Course Resources heading

Courses.ucsd.edu is a central directory for course resources for all courses at UC San Diego, providing links to a website, TritonEd site, Library E-reserveres, and more.

You can also elect to post your syllabus to the site, as a convenience for current students and a service to future students who may consider taking your course.

To post your syllabus, just convert it to a PDF and email it to edtech@ucsd.edu.

Once we receive it, we will add a link, as shown to the right.

Help us help you!

If you name your PDF using the 6-digit section number from your course's page - for example, 649451.pdf - it will help us post your syllabus more quickly.

If you are not sure what it is, go to courses.ucsd.edu, find your class, and note the section number used at the end of its address - for example: