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Media Event Support

Media Event Support provides an array of fee-based audiovisual support and production services for large and small events held on campus. Our services include video production and editing, sound reinforcement for special events, and AV equipment rental to individuals or groups with an index/recharge number.

Contact Media Event Support Services

Order services via Request an Estimate (below) 3 business days in advance of an event.

Email general questions to mediaservices@ucsd.edu or call (858) 534-8265.

Request an Estimate

Fill out and submit the online request form 3 business days in advance of the event. You will receive an ACMS Order Estimate via e-mail indicating the total cost estimate of your requested services.

Request New Estimate Form

Please review the accuracy of the order details and submit any changes.

To complete your order, indicate in the reply that you would like to Accept the order estimate or Decline your request.

You will receive an e-mail confirming your order is processed and that a technician has been scheduled for your event.


Submit event requests as soon as possible to ensure equipment and technician availability. To avoid processing delays and late fees, reply and accept the estimate at least 2 business in advance of the event.

Contact mediaservices@ucsd.edu or call (858) 534-8265 with questions.

Video Production and Editing

Media Event Support offers a range of professional video production options for our UC San Diego customers.
  • Videos can be compressed for websites like YouTube
  • Videos can be recordings of anything; lectures, trainings, interviews, etc.
  • A basic 1-hour video shoot of a single speaker transferred to an MP4 file for web viewing averages $250-$325
  • Customers are responsible for obtaining the necessary consent and release forms
  • We record in high-definition and email customers a link to download a compressed MP4 file
  • Turnaround time for MP4 files averages a week after the event date
  • Be aware that longer video recordings result in larger file sizes
  • If files are needed immediately after an event, special equipment is required
  • Third party captioning can be provided for $1 per minute

Here are some examples of videos that we filmed and produced:

For general questions email: mediaservices@ucsd.edu or call (858) 534-8265.


We offer professional quality photos including:

  • Headshots of staff or students (for use on sites like Linkedin or a department photo directory)
  • Group photography of department faculty or staff
  • Event photography
  • Website image and marketing photography
  • Research documentation photography
  • Architectural photography

We provide:

  • Consultation with our photographers
  • Professional-grade cameras and lighting equipment
  • Full-service studio
  • Photo retouching

Sample images on Smugmug

Bundle event photography with other Media Event Support services.

To request photography services, click "Request an Estimate" and use the "Request New Estimate Form."

Sound System Ordering Guide

We provide sound systems for large and small events. In order to reserve your equipment and the technician's time we recommend that you submit your order/estimate at least two weeks in advance and approve the job order promptly.

*Choice of microphone(s):

Wired handheld, wireless lavalier, wireless handheld, lectern microphone (indoors only),
Presidential Microphone Kit for lectern (outdoors). Larger events may require a Wireless Microphone Package
(includes four wireless microphones with a built-in automatic mixer).

**Choice of stands for hand-held microphones:

Floor stand with boom or table stand.

For a sound system for 1-40 people we suggest you order these items:

One Battery Powered Amplified Speaker
One Microphone* and Stand**
One iPod cable. CD player also available.

For a sound system for 40-150 people we suggest you order these items:

One Powered Mixer
Two Speakers
Microphones* and Stands**
One iPod cable. CD player also available.
One Cart for powered mixer, with Skirt if desired.

Power outlets must be available.

For a sound system for 150-400 people we suggest you order these items:

One Powered Mixer
Four Speakers
Microphones* and Stands**
One iPod cable. CD player also available.
One Cart for powered mixer, with Skirt if desired.

Power outlets must be available.

For a sound system for 400+ people we suggest you order these items:

Two Stereo Amplifiers
Six to eight Speakers
One Feedback Reducer
Microphones* and Stands**
Mixers: four-channel, eight channel or automatic, to handle the number of microphones being used.
One iPod cable. CD player also available.
Two Carts for equipment, with Skirts if desired.

Operator strongly suggested. Power outlets must be available.

For additional microphones in a classroom or lecture hall:

Microphones* and Stands**

For a conference with seating for twenty to sixty participants in a U-shaped or hollow square layout:

Conference Microphone System, includes twenty microphone consoles with built-in speakers.***
Telephone Hybrid, if desired, to add audioconferencing capability.

***Can be used as-is or connected to a room sound system. Power outlets must be available, plus analog telephone line if Telephone Hybrid is requested.

For general questions email: mediaservices@ucsd.edu or call 534-8265 (x4-8265).

Podcasting and Webcasting

Special Event Podcasting

Media Event Support provides audio and video podcast recording for conferences, guest speakers, special presentations, and department training courses. PowerPoint presentations and various graphics can easily be incorporated into podcasts.

Once podcasts are created, they can be made available for viewing on any computer, iPod, or MP3 player. Podcasts can also be captioned for full accessibility.  View examples of our podcasts at blinkcast.ucsd.edu. Contact mediaservices@ucsd.edu for more information or for an estimate.


Webcasting is the process of capturing, encoding, and streaming video and audio content live so that it can be viewed on the internet in real time. Webcasts are viewed through a web page created for the webcast.

Academic Podcasting

Academic podcasting of classes in podcast-ready classrooms is provided free of charge by Media Event Support and Instructional Technology Services. To learn about or sign up for academic podcasting please visit the podcast.ucsd.edu website.

For general questions email: mediaservices@ucsd.edu or call 534-8265 (x4-8265).

Pricing and Rates

Labor Rates for Media Event Support

Jobs may incur delivery, retrieval, and/or operating charges.

This page is intended to assist clients in developing a first rough estimate. Submit a request using the link above for a more accurate estimate.

Clients must have University index numbers. We do not accept cash or checks.

Delivery / Retrieval / Operate $65.00 / hour
Late Orders & Changes Fee (within 48 hours) $65.00 each
Video Editing $65.00 / hour

Pricing for our most popular items by type

Audio Equipment:

Amplifier, PA (AMP) $10.00 / hour
Amplified Speaker, Battery-Powered (BAS) $7.00 / hour
Mixer, 4-Channel (MIX) $8.00 / hour
Speaker (SPK) $6.00 / hour
Microphone for lectern (LMI) $2.00 / hour
Microphone, wired - Handheld (MIC) $2.00 / hour
Microphone, wireless - Handheld (WMH) or Clip-on (WMS) $6.00 / hour
Table Stand (TMS)  $0.00 / hour
Floor Stand (FMS)

$0.00 / hour

Video Equipment:

Monitor with built in dvd/vcr player combo (DVM)
$11.00 / hour
HD Camcorder, records in HD or DV to card or tape (HDC) $32.00 / hour
Tripod (TPD) $0.80 / hour
Third Party Captioning (Rev.com) $1.00 / Minute
*Many video production services are available. Call x4-8265 for an estimate.

Projection Equipment:

Projection Screen, Portable, 8'x8' or 6'x6' (not for outdoor use) (BSC) $5.00 / hour
Computer / Video Projector (XGP) $34.00 / hour

Computer Equipment:

Laptop, Macintosh (LMC) or Windows PC (LPC) $16.00 / hour

More information about equipment rentals, including price estimates, can be obtained by filling out the order request form.

For general questions email: mediaservices@ucsd.edu or call 534-8265 (x4-8265).


Before we can assist you we must have a recharge number. Contact Associated Students or, if your event is at the Price Center, contact One Stop.

Health Sciences:

You must first contact Health Sciences AV. If Health Sciences AV is unavailable, please contact us.