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Microsoft Select

Microsoft Software Assurance expired January 31, 2014. ACMS will NOT be automatically renewing Microsoft Select Software Assurance. The reseller of record (Currently SHI) should have details of all licenses with Software Assurance on file.

Microsoft Select is now distributed by Marketplace. Customers with active Software Assurance can contact Marketplace for upgrades. You can reach the marketplace help staff at mphelp@ucsd.edu

The Microsoft Select agreement prices are UC wide at the lowest cost price tier Microsoft offers. Orders are handled by a "punch out" with the label "SHI" that goes to the current UC system software reseller for this agreement, via UC San Diego Marketplace.

ALL Microsoft Select orders via SHI are taxable, as some orders under the contract depend on physical media somewhere at UC.

Most products are available for download online. Media can optionally be ordered, and certain license codes like RDP CAL's can take time to arrive. The optional supporting DVD's do not come with or include licenses, so you would have to order at least one license per any DVD that you order.

Select licenses are per computer. Licenses are for UC San Diego computers only. Licenses for windows upgrades are upgrades to an existing OEM windows or Mac Os license only. The upgrade media can be used to do a "clean install" and the assumption UC system wide is that most computers will be upgraded to a more complete/full featured windows license via MCCA or The Select agreement. Upgrade licenses do not get transferred with computers being sent to surplus.