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Available to: Staff, Faculty, and Students

Platforms: Windows/Mac

SPSS is now available via a site license for use by staff/faculty, students and researchers. The budgeting model for this site license has not been finalized. Currently there are no fees associated with using SPSS, however, there may be a need to assess cost-sharing fees for continued use at some time in the future. Ample notice will be given in advance regarding any future fee structure.

SPSS STAT (Premium Bundle) is available including all modules. and can be used by staff, faculty and students. The terms of the license allow for home use installations for active affiliates. SPSS is licensed for academic, research and administrative use. Students must have an @ucsd.edu email account and currently be enrolled in a course at UCSD.  For access to SPSS, please contact UCSD Software Distribution for details on obtaining the software and license keys.  Professors that wish to use SPSS for a class, please fill out a CINFO to request SPSS.